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We understand many people are skeptical. Scammers are out there, and most “we buy houses” companies will lowball you from the get go. We are not actors/actresses you often see in videos many other companies have. We do not use stock pictures from internet. We are Kris and Tucker, the ones you will actually meet. People like you, honest, and hardworking.

We believe in honesty and being transparent and upfront. It starts with putting a real face to the business, and to be easily accessible and reachable.

We Are Dedicated To Open Communication.

We would love to hear from you. A successful company realizes there is always room to learn and for improvement.

If you have a question about:

  • How to sell your house here in Ohio…
  • How the procedure works and what it entails…
  • Whether there are any catches, or if you have concerns or doubts…
  • Or simply want to suggest a change, or an improvement on our website…
  • If you think there is missing information  or how we can do better...

By all means, write us, call us, email us. We are dedicated to you so don’t be shy. Let us hear from you.

Just give us a ring at the phone number below or shoot us an email through the form. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours. If you need us quicker, make sure to call as we’re able to answer phone calls more quickly than we’re able to return emails.

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The Best Way To Sell Your House In Ohio Fast

TruePath Properties is a team of local real estate experts with decades of experience. We live in Columbus and buy houses in many Ohio Counties and Cities, (Franklin, Knox, Licking, Union, Delaware, Marion, Marysville, Newark, Dayton, Cincinnati, and more). We also buy Mobile Home Parks, Multifamily Housing, and Self Storage Facilities, and other commercial assets, Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, inherited a property you do not want to keep, dealing with a divorce, or anything else, we can help!