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We don’t rely on appraisals or agents to get your deal to closing, we cut out the middle men, and we don’t make “Low Ball” offers.

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Hi! I’m Kris, Director of Operations here at TruePath properties. I will be showing you our entire process to get you a cash offer. Don’t worry, getting an offer is free to you, and without obligation to accept any offer we make you. If you rather talk to a live person feel free to call our office at (614) 333-6313

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“Truepath was great! The deal was quick, fair, smooth, and they dealt with some “issues” I had regarding the sale. We might sell them my sisters house in the next year.” Tim Wolfe [Marysville, Ohio]

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So now you know the steps involved, but how do we actually calulate your offer?

To sell your home fast in Ohio, we recommend you educate yourself before deciding what your best option is. The next section describes our buying process from beginning to end. Take your time reading the following, it will make you the expert on our process. 

Cash For Your CT House

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash!

… And Still Want A Fair Offer!

You are thinking “How do I sell my house fast in Ohio for cash“, without getting an insultingly low offer. There are many home buying companies around Columbus promising the best offer, in 12 hours, without even learning more about your property. Some will even try to give you an “offer” on the first phone call.

As they say, if it sounds too good to be true….

These fly by night companies will typically not be favorable for the consumer. They often make high offers to keep you from searching elsewhere, get you to sign a contract, then moments before closing try to lower the price due to something the “just found during the inspection”. Don’t let that happen to you!

But enough about how not to sell a house. Here’s our entire process to get you a fair offer you’re fully satisfied with.

It’s Best For All Involved To Give Our Best Offer Up Front

“We Buy Houses” business’s will often give a lowball to start. This doesn’t fit our values, and decreases the odds of creating a “win win”. Our team spends a lot of time and effort doing market research and driving to properties all over Ohio. All these services are 100% FREE to you, but are a significant expense to us! No one will accept a lowball offer, so for our business model anything other than a fair offer up front would be a waste of time and money.


TruePath Properties stays in business by making offers that get accepted, and the only way to do that is to make offers that you are happy with!

We Make Our Offers Based On After Repair Value

In other words, our offers are based off what your house would be worth completely fixed up.

How does it work?

Imagine you have a house to sell, but you haven’t upgraded it for years.

Next, imagine your neighbor has a house that’s identical in layout, size, and room count…But…She just finished a full rehab on the property. She replaced the old windows, installed granite countertops, put in new bathrooms, sanded the hardwood floors, and replaced the roof.

Now Imagine her house sold for $200,000.

What do we know so far?

We know if we made the same updates to your house after we bought it, we could sell it for about $200,000.


The Market value of your house if we rehabbed it will be about $200,000, and we know how much the repairs/upgrades will cost after our walkthrough and talks with contractors. At this stage, we can make you an offer that works for us. If the offer works for you too, that’s great! We’ll close when you want and you’ll leave with cash. As you are beginning to see, our offers come from actual market data, not how urgently you need to sell.

The Formula

Transparency is one of our core values at TruePath Properties. In this section, we are going to show you the exact formula we use to craft your offer!

After Repair Value-Cost Of Repair-Selling Costs-Holding Costs-Our Minimum Profit= Your Offer

To fully make sense of these, we need to define some terms.

After Repair Value (ARV): The value of your property after we buy it from you and finish a full rehab.

Cost Of Repairs (COR): The cost of the repairs after we buy the property from you.

Selling Costs: Even though we buy from you with no agent, we usually need to sell with one after the rehab. So 6% to agents plus holding costs including principal, interest, taxes, insurance. All fees you don’t have to pay when you sell with us. Our total holding and selling costs average 10-11%.

Our Minimum Profit: Yes, we are a for-profit business. Without some margin, we couldn’t pay our team, contractors, overhead, or buy more properties in the future. But, our business model is to buy many properties with a small profit, rather than a few with huge profits. We’d rather “hit singles and doubles” every month than a “home run” a couple of times per year. It’s a more sustainable, and much more ethical model.

Put Simply?

Subtract cost to fix (includes our minimum profit), hold, sell the property from the after repair value…And that’s your offer! It’s that simple. Congrats, you’re now an expert!

Note: We often hold properties after renovating to provide affordable housing to local families. In that case, the numbers work similarly since we will have to refinance the property after rehab.

How To Sell Your House Fast In CT

We will use a house we recently bought to show you a real-world example.

The house was build in 1910, and is in the 100 block of E Oakland Ave (a short walk from OSU Campus).

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It was livable, but this house had seen better days. The Seller did their best to take care of it, but after decades without renovations, it was time for a full makeover (Think HGTV).

Remember what you now know about after repair value and our offer formula? In the case of the Oakland Ave property, a house with very similar layouts right down the street sold for $360,000 (ARV). The only difference was, that house had granite, new floors, new windows, new concrete work, new bathrooms, and was freshly painted.

Looks great, right? No surprise it sold for $360,000.


For us to sell our fixer upper for $360k after we bought it, we knew the rehab had to be atleast as nice as the house down the road.


Because in “as is” condition, who would want to pay $360k for the house? No one…

So you are probably asking yourself…

If the rehabbed house down the street sold for $360k, what did they pay for the fixer upper “as is?

Formulating the offer

Our Agent: Confirmed our After Repair Value (ARV) would be about $360,000.

Our Contractors: Spent time creating entire scopes of work, then gave us an accurate Cost Of Repairs (COR) totaling $62,000 for this particular rehab. We make an entire rehab plan before making offers, so we know exactly what needs done. Here’s a sneak peak of the end result…

Hard to believe that’s the same kitchen in both photos…Wow! We are lucky to have such a great team of contractors.

Here are the numbers for the Oakland Ave House…


Repairs and holding costs=$62,000

Cost to Sell=$21,600

Our Minimum Profit For A Rehab Of This Size=$30,000


After Repair Value-Cost Of Repair-Selling/Holding Costs-Our Minimum Profit= Your Offer

$360,000-$62,000-$21,600-$30,000 (Our minimum profit for a complex rehab)=$246,400

Your Offer= $246,400

As you can now see, our offers were based on the numbers. In the case above and with all of our offers, we simply used the actual numbers and our formula to give the Seller an offer she would be happy with the first time. Makes more sense than starting with a lowball, doesn’t it?

Considering your options


Once you receive our offer, you have a decision to make. In the example above, the house is worth $276,400 “as is” (our offer to her, but adding back in our minimum profit of $30,000). Meaning if you list with an agent, it would probably sell for around $276,400. Once you pay 6% commission, you’re down to $259,816. That is, after sitting on the market and dealing with tons of showings.

So you have to decide.

Sell for $246,400 and close on the date of your choosing, or walk with $259,816 after sitting on the market and waiting for a traditional buyer to close.

But there’s more…

What is the repair costs were less, $31,000 instead of $62,000 (half of the repair cost in the case study, for this example).



Cost to Sell=$21,600

Our Minimum Profit For A Rehab Of This Size=$30,000

After Repair Value-Cost Of Repair-Selling + Holding Costs-Our Minimum Profit=Your Offer

$360,000-$21,600-$31,000-$30,000 (Our minimum profit for a complex rehab)=$278,400

You read that right, $2,000 more than what the house is currently worth. And almost $20,000 more than you’d get listing it (don’t forget, after paying agent commissions you would walk with $259,816).

Want to know what YOUR numbers might look like?

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Our Contractors

One final note…we’ve been in this business for many years, and have 10+ year relationships with local contractors.

The result?

We get fair prices, so the Cost Of Repairs isn’t inflated.

Call, text, email…Heck, send a letter if you want. We just want to know how we can serve you.

The Best Way To Sell Your House In Ohio Fast

TruePath Properties is a team of local real estate experts with decades of experience. We live in Columbus and buy houses in many Ohio Counties and Cities, (Franklin, Knox, Licking, Union, Delaware, Marion, Marysville, Newark, Dayton, Cincinnati, and more). We also buy Mobile Home Parks, Multifamily Housing, and Self Storage Facilities, and other commercial assets, Whether you are trying to avoid foreclosure, inherited a property you do not want to keep, dealing with a divorce, or anything else, we can help!