We Are Kris & Tucker…

And we are probably guilty of watching a few too many episodes of Flip Or Flop and House Hunters... Born and raised in Ohio, we share a passion for renovating-houses and solving-problems.

Why pick us?

We think “Why Not” might be a better question! We are a local, accredited house buying company with great reviews and decades of experience amongst our team.


We always recommend doing your research before before accepting an offer. So, here’s a little more about us!

Tucker Long

House Flipper, Marketing Specialist, & Adventurer

Tucker grew up around real estate. His Dad was a homebuilder and took him to job sites before he could walk. Tucker has been a licensed real estate agent since 2014, has flipped dozens of houses, and has helped others sell over 100 properties. He loves to help others solve problems and overcome their challenges with real estate!

TruePath Properties is one of the highest-rated home buying companies in Ohio.

Kris Dull

Acquisition Manager for Central Ohio, Interior Design Genius, Jack Of All Trades

Kris is our lead acquisition manager. He will often be the one to meet at your property and get you a great offer. Kris attended The Ohio State University and has been living in Columbus much of his life. He is also an expert on helping families settle estates when real estate and personal property is involved. No matter the situation, Kris will go above and beyond to help you however possible.

You get the Truth with TruePath Properties

There’s no promise we’ll show up to your house in a suit and tie, and we’re more likely to be in a Toyota than a fancy car. Our success is not dependent on impressing others, or creating an online “perception” that’s different than reality. The truth is, we are just a local team that works hard to help others in our community. We NEVER use high pressure or sales pitches. Our actions will speak for themselves. You have nothing to lose and no obligation, so give us a call! Many happy customers have before you, and they all quickly received their cash offers as promised.

True (noun): being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false: real; genuine; authentic:

Scams & Integrity

It is essential that anyone you work with can prove without a shadow of doubt that they are credible, honest, and able. “Trust but verify”. We know as well as you, if someone is credible and genuine, it will come across in the way they speak, act, and perform in business.


We don’t try to be credible. Instead, we simply invite you to contact us and judge for yourself. We are open books, ask us anything!

Our renovations are efficient, modern, and repeatable.

We save money by purchasing materials in bulk, and our contractors already know exactly what they are working with. You do know what that means, right?

It’s this simple…If we keep our costs low, your offer can be high! And this is what sets us apart. Our economies of scale and experience give us a distinct pricing advantage, which we pass onto you.

Another full rehab our team completed on Beechcroft Rd near 161. We bought the property in May of 2018, and still own it today. It’s affordable housing for a family now.

Get My Cash Offer Now!

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Accredited House Buyer’s In Central Ohio

We are incorporated real estate investors in Ohio, based in Columbus. Our services are free, you have nothing to lose and no obligation when you ask request a cash offer.

We are registered and compliant in accordance to all the statues and limitations in the State Of Ohio. We will use our experience and recourses to bring you an offer that works.

At TruePath Properties, we strive to do things the right way, rather than the easy way. We take pride in serving our community. Our team loves to have fun, but take you and our business very seriously. We work to treat everyone we serve with courtesy, honesty, and respect.

You can rest assured that when you fill out our form you will receive a fair offer on your house in Ohio based on market value and repairs needed. We will also do our best to close on your property (and get you your cash in your hand) as soon as possible! 

Do We Look Like A Typical “We Buy Houses” Company To You?

We sure hope not! We are local investors. We care about our community, love to give back, and always try to have fun with our work, just like you. We love meeting and getting to know our clients.

But, we take what we do VERY seriously. Your success and maintaining our reputation as reputable home buyers are both critical to us.

Since we are working with our own cash, on most of our deals there are no bank approvals or appraisals needed. This eliminates long periods of time needed to close, and greatly reduces the odds of a deal falling through last minute. The truth is, buying with cash is mostly a benefit to you, not us.

A Promise To Our Community

We pledge to serve our community with integrity, honesty, transparency, and to always work toward creating win win solutions no matter the challenge.

We don’t make offers based on how desperate someone is, or how quickly they need to sell their house. We use after repair value and a formula that we share with you to make our offers. You can count on TruePath Properties to be your real estate solutions provider.

“We treat others as we want to be treated ourselves; with respect, honor, integrity, and understanding.”

Thank you for considering TruePath Properties. We won’t let you down!