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Tucker Long

The “Snow Bird” House

“We retired and are moving to Florida. Our house needed work and we didn’t want to wait through another winter. We got the letter from truepath properties last year and saved it, so gave them a call and they still made an offer. The price was very reasonable considering we didn’t have to fix it up or pay a realtor. We got $118,000 cash after paying off the mortgage and are now a few days away from heading to the sunshine state. The process was stress free, they even let us leave behind some furniture we didn’t want 🙂 My daughter lives in Florida too, can’t wait to get there”

Betty P. [Delaware, Ohio]

I recommend TruePath to anyone when it comes to real estate. They were a huge help when buying my first home and they have helped many friends and family members too. This is a knowledgeable motivated group with great connections.

Markus Kelley

The “Big Hassle” Duplex

“I didn’t plan on selling our duplex. My husband went to change furnace filters, and found our new tenant destroyed the $20k renovation we did just 6 months ago. The other side had a hoarder and still needed updating. We felt defeated and were already a little tight on cash. We got a letter from True path so called to see what the offer would be. It was actually higher than we expected. There was a title issue that you solved, and we closed about  a week later. No appraisals or agent fees. And they took care of everything. They even closed at our house. This is a new beginning for us, thank you guys! I retire next year and we’ll use some of this money for travel with the grandkids.”

Lora and Giuseppe C. [Westerville, Ohio]

Tucker and Kris are both honest, hard working, compassionate, and easy going individuals. They take great pride in what they do and are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I can’t recommend TruePath Properties enough! Contact Tucker and Kris for your real estate needs, you won’t regret it. with great connections.

John Cummings.

The “Little House” In Grove City

We had an adjustable rate mortgage from 2005 with a big balance due at the end. Our plan was to refinance, come to find out the bank wouldn’t let us because I’m a contractor now and haven’t been in business long enough. I heard about truepath properties on the radio and called in, their price was fair so we took it. Instead of getting a foreclosure on my record I walked with $63k CASH in 7 days which was enough to buy a new house with cash. They didn’t make me feel bad about the condition of my home, it was pretty bad by the time we sold. Bye bye mortgage I recommend this company to anyone.

Jamie D. [Grove City, Ohio]

Tucker and Kris are both honest, hard working, compassionate, and easy going individuals. They take great pride in what they do and are a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I can’t recommend TruePath Properties enough! Contact Tucker and Kris for your real estate needs, you won’t regret it. with great connections.

Maggie L.

The Inherited House

Mom passed, her house was left to me and my brothers. The realtors wanted too much in fees and told us we had to fix up the inside first. The auctioneer couldn’t even get it sold, the only bidders couldn’t get us enough to pay off the debts. You guys gave us enough to settle the estate and leave us all with some money. Thank you to everyone at TruePath Property, I would do it again in a heartbeat. The only thing I would do differently is call you first instead of wasting time.

Carlos S. [Hilliard, Ohio]

Tucker has been very helpful and I have had a wonderful experience through all of this. They’re very honest people, can’t go wrong! Might as well reach out to them and see what they can offer – highly recommend!

Ryan Whitcher

The House We Didn’t Buy…

Instead of buying my house these people taught me to reset my finances so I can afford the payment. I thought I had to sell my house. I did not I am still here a year later. They saved my family home. They didn’t ask for any money. May there be more people like this on earth.

Subheet R. [Blacklick, Ohio]

Tucker and Kris are amazing. They do what they say, when the promise to do it. When we were selling our house to Tucker he gave us a fair offer but cautioned that it was dependent on what the inspection said. Some serious issues came up, but they still formed a plan to move forward. It was great to see that even though it looked like we tried to cover up some issues (we didnt), they were still calm and respectful moving forward. In the end, it all worked out great.

Mike Watson

The “Buckeye Duplex”…Blocks from OSU

I work with a property management company in Columbus, we put two duplexes for sale last year. Your team had the highest bid on one of the buildings, were very organized and detailed, quick to close, and did what you promised. True professionals at Truepath, I highly recommend giving them a chance to make an offer if you have real estate to sell.

Nick W. [Columbus, Ohio]

I Needed to sell my house in North Linden. It was literally the roughest house on the street. The real estate agents put in so little effort, and it was hard to sell. Truepah is a hardworking team, they provided us with an good experience. They are old school, do what they say. Rare these days.

Yvette Jones

Two Houses, One Deal

After my dad died, I had to decide what to do with his two rental properties. The tenants were taking advantage of the situation, I had to decide between selling or evicting and repairing the buildings. I messaged Truepath properties and two of the “CASH FOR HOMES” guys for offers. I was born and raised in Columbus, I know what properties are worth around here. The cash for homes guys lowballed me, then had the nerve to try to pressure me into signing fast. Not happening. Like my dad used to say, they are a day late and a dollar short. You guys made a fair cash offer without haggling, I sold both houses in a week, and let you handle the eviction. Yea I could have got more if I did the eviction and fixed them up but it wasn’t worth the hassle. I appreciate your honesty and you giving me peace of mind with this process now behind me. You never tried to take advantage of me like the others. And you did what you said you were going to do. Truepath Properties asked me to write a review about my experience, it’s the least I can do as thanks.

Nick W. [Grove City, Ohio]

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